Monday, February 19, 2018


Model United Nations is an interactive, interdisciplinary simulation which places students in the role of official United Nations delegates; it is "Education through Simulation"; it is a value-added experience for students on various levels by raising awareness of andconcern about these issues and helping participants understand the way diplomacy and national self-interests work.

The purpose of MUN conferences is to motivate participants not only to do in-depth research on various issues, but also to learn to support the point of view of the country they represent using solid evidence and proper arguments. MUN gives students the chance to interact with their fellow delegates, share their concerns and ideas, and thus, have a fruitful debate on controversial issues.

ACMUN, an annual student run conference, has 5 General Assembly Committees (Disarmament and International Security Committee, Economic and Financial Committee, Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, Special Political and Decolonization Committee and Legal Committee), and 5 specialized committees (Security Council, ECOSOC, International Court of Justice, EU Council of Ministers and Historical Committee). Our aim is to limit the number of delegates per committee. Our largest committees have no more than 50 delegates. The General Assembly committees convene on the final day of the conference in order to discuss a separate General Assembly topic, whereas the other committees continue their debate on the topics of their agenda.

The Anatolia College Model United Nations is a Harvard style Model UN Conference. The Dais for each of the General Assembly committees and the Economic and Social Council comprises of a Director, a Deputy Director and a Moderator. In the Security Council there is no Moderator, whereas in the European Union Council of Ministers there is a President, a Secretary General and a European Union Commissioner. For more information on the procedures, please refer to ACMUN 2016 +, Delegate Preparation.

The Board of the Historical Committee consists of two Directors that act as historical figures along with the delegates. Finally, the International Court of Justice has a President, a Vice-President, a Registrar and twelve Judges, while four advocates represent each of the two countries in the trial. Every year ACMUN also has a continental or more regional organization with its very own topics and focus.

The Secretariat of the ACMUN is composed of a Secretary General, a President of the General Assembly and their Deputies. Each member of the Secretariat is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of specific committees. As mentioned above, the General Assembly addresses one topic, solely discussed during the session of the General Assembly. The President of the General Assembly, along with their Deputy, will be the chairperson of this session, moderating the debate according to the rules of the General Assembly committees.

The ACMUN conference has been attracting students who represent a vast range of religions and ethnic groups. Since 2003 we have had participants from all over Greece and from countries such as Bulgaria and Slovenia. We have also had delegates and Student Officers from Turkey, Israel and United Arab Emirates.